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Psych Notes Ch. 4

Psych Notes Ch. 4 - Ch 4 States of Consciousness...

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Ch. 4: States of Consciousness Consciousness: Our awareness of ourselves and our environment o External events, internal sensations, thoughts, feelings, and self Exists on continuum Not controlled by one area of brain, but by patterns of brain activation Studied with electroencephalogram (EEG) o Electrodes on scalp, measure waves of electrical activity from brain o Waves differ in amplitude (height) and frequency (speed of occurrence) Stages of sleep: o Distinctive changes in brain activity and physiology as you pass through levels of sleep Stages chart in book* pg. 128 Alpha stage: awake, drowsy Brain producing alpha waves Non-Rem sleep: Most of sleep Divided into stages Stage 1: o Transition from wakefulness o Lasts only a few minutes o May experience Dreams, mild hallucinations, sensation of falling, body jerks o Theta waves Stage 2: o Tension, heart rate, BP, temp, respiration decrease o Theta waves, with sleep spindles; 1-2 seconds long, high frequency, bursts of brain activity o Sleep talking occurs in some Stages 3 & 4: delta sleep Stage 3: o Transition between stage 2 and deep sleep o Continued relaxation, slow and steady heart and breathing rate o Some delta waves appear Stage 4: o Very deep sleep, hard to wake o Body very relaxed; BP, temp, breathing, blood to brain reduced o Delta waves dominate
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o Bed wetting, sleep walking occurs o Still somewhat aware of environment Stages of sleep: REM o After stage 4, go back up through stages 1-2-3-4-3-2 o Instead of re-entering stage 1, enter 5 th stage: REM o Cycle repeats throughout sleep period:
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Psych Notes Ch. 4 - Ch 4 States of Consciousness...

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