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Psych Notes Ch. 12

Psych Notes Ch. 12 - C h 12 Psychological Disorders C riter...

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Ch. 12: Psychological Disorders Criteria for abnormality: Deviance: Does the person’s behavior fall outside the normal range of behaviors? o Every culture has social norms/expectations, not meeting them = abnormality o But what is “normal” in one society is not always in another o Standards for deviance also change over time o For these reasons, deviant behavior isn’t typically enough to diagnose a person with a disorder Maladaptive behavior: Does the person’s behavior interfere with personal and social adaptation? Personal distress: Does the behavior cause personal anguish or discomfort? May have psychological disorder if any one of criteria are met, usually meet more Classifications of Psychological disorders: Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, DSM-IV- TR o Classification system published by APA o List over 200 psychological disorders o Used to diagnose psychological disorders by assessing specific symptoms and matching them to certain criteria Causes of Psychological disorders? Biological approach: caused by biological factors o Accepts medical model: psychological disorders are medical diseases with a biological origin Psychological approach: disorders are caused by psychological factors Sociocultural approach: societal contexts play a large role in the development of a disorder
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Biopsychosocial approach: disorders are a product of biological influences, psychological influences, and social- cultural influences Diathesis-stress model: Inherited biological predisposition + environmental stressors = disorder Anxiety Disorders: Class of disorders marked by feelings of excessive apprehension and anxiety Very common: 19% lifetime prevalence Generalized Anxiety Order: o Marked by chronic, high level of anxiety not tied to any specific threat
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Psych Notes Ch. 12 - C h 12 Psychological Disorders C riter...

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