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Psych Exam 3 Review - Negative punishment Steal her room...

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Exam 3 Review 1. Negative reinforcement- taking something away to increase a behavior 2. A typical person can hold 7+ or – 2 (5-9) items in their short term memory 3. WHENEVER it is physical punishment it is POSITIVE punishment 4. Learning something new but old info is getting in the way- proactive inference 5. Your parents give your sister an allowance once a week for doing chores- fixed interval 6. You want your roommate to stop slamming door when she comes home from downtown. What is one positive and one negative punishment you could give your roommate? Positive punishment: To play really loud music in the morning to wake them up
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Unformatted text preview: Negative punishment: Steal her room key to decrease chance that door slams 7. You want to encourage your roommate to clean the bathroom more often. What is one positive and one negative reinforcement you could give your roommate? • Positive reinforcement: Clean the kitchen if they clean the bathroom • Negative reinforcement: Doing their homework because you are removing some of their work so they will do the bathroom 8. Your memory that Obama is the President is an example of a SEMANTIC MEMORY memory, while your memory of what you ate for dinner is a EPISODIC MEMORY 9. Smallest unit of sound in language is called a- PHONEME...
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