Psych Notes Ch. 8 - Ch. 8: Human Development Definition of...

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Ch. 8: Human Development Definition of development: Development : sequence of age-related changes that occur between conception and death Prenatal Development: Prenatal Period : stage of development between conception and birth Stages of prenatal development: o Germinal stage: Conception - implantation; approximately first 2 weeks Zygote - a single-celled fertilized egg Blastocyst - a bundle of cells Stage ends when blastocyst implants on uterine wall 3 crucial support structures form after implantation: Amniotic sac filled with amniotic fluid: o Regulates exchange of fluids, cushions against environmental shock & temp changes Placenta: o Passes oxygen & nutrients from mother to baby, gets rid of waste Umbilical cord: o Tube filled with blood vessels that carry blood between embryo and placenta o Embryonic stage: 3 rd to 8 th week Called an embryo Placental barrier is semi-permeable Teratogens: agents (ex: chemicals, viruses) that can cause harm to prenatal organism Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS): physical and cognitive abnormalities in children of women who drank heavily during pregnancy Organogenesis: all major organ systems are formed Sexual differentiation begins Miscarriages most common in this stage o Fetal stage: From 2 nd month until birth Called a fetus Rapid growth occurs Maturing of organ systems Age of viability o 22-26 weeks o Age at which fetus can survive outside of womb
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Development of senses
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Psych Notes Ch. 8 - Ch. 8: Human Development Definition of...

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