labreport2Question - D: Can this nonohmic device (light...

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Lab report QUESTIONS A: Is the current put out by the Fluke 45 when used as an ohmmeter LARGE or SMALL in comparison with the range of currents used in taking your data for the light bulb? Justify your answer. B: Give a definition of electrical resistance, using words as well as symbols Electrical resistance is a physics attribute that measures its opposition to the passage of a current. It’s defined as the ratio of voltage across it to current: R =V / I C: Please state Ohm’s law using words, and in several ways if you can. Reference to graphs may make this easier for you. The current through a conductor between two dfots is inversely proportional to the resistance between them and directly proportional to the voltage difference between them. I= V/R
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Unformatted text preview: D: Can this nonohmic device (light bulb) be made to seem ohmic by restricting the range of voltages or currents used? Yes, just keep the current small and voltage small. So the temperature of the light tungsten filament won’t be so high enough to change the value of the resistance. E; Make a guess as to what might happen to the plot from part II.A for the resistor if we extended it to much larger values of voltage and current. If the values of voltage and current increase very much, a dot previous presents the resistor’s resistance will still on the line but move right forward and upward. The line and its slope remain unchanged....
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labreport2Question - D: Can this nonohmic device (light...

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