4.3 - A if average inset size in library was very small you...

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A. disadvantages 1. intra molecular base pairing causes problems 2. primer extension hindered by intra strand base pairing 3. chain termination product does not migrate in electrophoresis based strictly on bp (stem loops wont migrate at true size) II. Maxam Gilbert Sequencing – not covered III. Pyrosequencing A. uses normal DNA sysnthesis not chain termination of base modification B. uses a coupled enzymatic reaction to produce light… IV. physical Gaps
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Unformatted text preview: A. if average inset size in library was very small, you would need much more genome coverage to complete the sequence B. the insert size was not optimum to eliminate gaps C. some clones may have gaps because the region of the genome isn’t even in the library because it was so unstable and not propagated V. Adavtnages of Shot Gun A. speed (5Mg genomes can be sequenced in 8 weeks B. no physical or genetic maps are necessary...
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