10.3 - o Add Dnase 1 o w/ BP present DNase 1 can’t cleave...

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DNA FOOTprinting- DNAse I protection o Allow you to id the position of where the protein it located where it binds dna molecule o DNA is radioactively identified at on end Small amount of DNAse I is added to produced selective and random cleavage Label 1 end of DNA Fragments Carry out 2 rxns Add small amount of Dnase 1 o Selective random cleavage Carry out w/ extract of binding protein (BP)
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Unformatted text preview: o Add Dnase 1 o w/ BP present DNase 1 can’t cleave • result gives latter of DNA fragments • hole will be present b/c BP do not allow DNAse 1 to cleave • Fragments on either side of hole will be 1 st nucleotide and last nucleotide of that seq place where DNA BP held DNA BP might not bind to small seq but cover large area...
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