2.1 - promoter- bound by RNAP but need transcription...

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Using a phage display. o Test protein glued to bottom of the well Phage display library Phages that interact will get stuck to used proteins Laborious technique- screening library for interaction Difficult to test 1:1 protein interaction Yeast 2 hybrid system Y2H o Hybrid one- DNA-binding domain o Hybrid 2 activation domain Looks for interaction inside yeast cell, need readout for which cell interaction is happening in o Relies on the fact that transcription factor function in the following way:
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Unformatted text preview: promoter- bound by RNAP but need transcription factor. Factor has operator domain promoter domain and linker ex Gal4 both domain dont really need to be physically connected. Can be brought close together.2 vectors DNA binding domain Tran activation domain binds with RNAP o In this assay cDNA is cloned into these vectors...
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