2.2 - • Functional interactions o Proteins need not...

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o Screen for protein interactions using the 2-hybrid system. If interaction you’ll have gene expression Just look for colonies that express the reporter gene Problems o Proteins must interact but not all that are in a complex react with each other Some interactions are detected others are not Standard affinity chromatography o Cell extract is put thru column w/ resin with attached test protein Low salt o Discard unreacting proteins High salt o Removes target proteins attached to test proteins elution
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Unformatted text preview: • Functional interactions o Proteins need not associate physically in order to have functional interactions Ex metabolic pathways. o Studied by o Comparative genomics o Transcriptome studies can id candidates for functional associations o Gene inactivation also can provides clues when mutation of 2 genes is necessary to product a phenotype means that the genes may function in the same process...
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