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7.2 - o But in yeast a single 125 b sequence Nucleosome...

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Linker histones connect nucleosomes to form chains Other kinds or chromosomes o Mini and macro chromosomes birds have theses B chromosomes plants fungi fragmentary version of normal chromosomes Holcentric chromosomes nematode the entire length of the chromo acts as the centromers Centromers o Arabidopsis o 180 bp sequences repeated 50000 to 230000 times o Also contains genome wide repeats o And low gene density, 7 per 200 kb compared w/ 25 per 100 kb at other places
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Unformatted text preview: o But in yeast a single 125 b sequence Nucleosome remodeling o 2 nd type of chromatin modification that can influence genome activity o Is a change in the structure of neucleosomes that does not necessarly involve histone modification o Nucleosomes are displace from DNA either by sliding(cis-displacment) or removal (trans-displacement)...
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