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ST 3 - C Measuring Intracellular Ca 1 flourscent Ca binding...

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A. Phosphoinositides as Signal Transducers 1. 3 P group serves as a binding site for proteins with PH domains, such as PKB B. Ca levels tightly regulated 1. stored in Golgi, nucleus, etc 2. lowest conc inside resting cell 3. IP3 releases Ca from organelles into cell which leads to Ca from extracellular environment also rushing in 4. homeostasis restored by ligand receptor complex dissociation, PLCgamma inactivation, and repumping Ca into organelles
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Unformatted text preview: C. Measuring Intracellular Ca 1. flourscent Ca binding dyes allow us to measure concentration 2. high affinity ligands have more potent Ca 2+ transients, this is controlled by phospholipase PLC gamma D. Phosphorylated Nucleotide Derivatives: Secondary Messengers: 1. cAMP: activates PKA 2. cGMP: activates PKG or cation channels...
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