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A. NO/cGMP control smooth muscle relaxation: Ach stimulates endothelial cell-> NO diffuses to nearby smooth muscle and binds NO receptor -> cGMP B. Adenylyl Cyclase: ATP cAMP : two similar cytosolic catalytic domains are separated by six transmembrane spanning regions. Review 15-22b: α 3- β 5 and Switch II helix interact with specific region of adenylyl cyclase C. PKA Activation: cAMP binds regulatory subunits which releases catalytic subunits D. Signal transduction = signal amplification and specificity II. GPCR: 7 transmembrane spanning segments
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Unformatted text preview: 4 extracellular segments, 4 cytosolic regions B-adrenergic for epinephrine Alpha subunit transduces the signal to effector ( alpha s stimulates , alpha i inhibits ) FRET: detects G protein activation bc YFP on gamma is activated only when its near the tag on alpha. C3 loop is where G Proteins bind- determined by chimeric receptors Response specificity is determined by type of ligand, GPCR, G protein, & effector Beta gamma subunit associates with K+ channels = open, heart muscle regulation...
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