Cell Junctions and Adhesion 2

Cell Junctions and Adhesion 2 - Integrin >>> binds...

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I. Tight Junctions A. Proteins: zona occludins >>> B. Form Seals II. Cell to Cell Adhesions Mediated by CAM A. specificity , Ca2 + dependent B. adherins^^^ and desmosomes >>> C. CAM s link to cytoskeleton via Catenin. Cis and/or trans III. Cell Matrix Interactions Mediated by Integrin A.
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Unformatted text preview: Integrin >>> binds to Fibronectin B. Integrin is also involved in signaling C. Integrin containing junctions connect cells to substratum D. Fibronectin: binding site for Integrin at RGD sequence. Collagen binding site E. Review RGD Function Graph...
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