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Seminar in Leadership Summer 2010 Instructor: Professor Jason Harris-Boundy Class time: BUS 218, M/W 6-10pm Office hrs: M 1:30-3:30pm, SCI 348 (or by appt.) Course info: http://ilearn.sfsu.edu/ Contact: [email protected], 415.405.0959 “Leadership is not something you do to people. It’s something you do with people.” - Ken Blanchard, from Heart of a Leader P URPOSE OF THE C OURSE Effective leadership is rooted in an integrated set of values, behaviors, skills, knowledge, and ways of thinking. There is widespread agreement that effective leaders behave differently than ineffective ones, yet leadership is always steeped in ambiguity and choice. In other words, effective leadership is easier to aspire to than to accomplish. It requires an understanding of the meaning of leadership, an appreciation of organizational contexts, and a clear awareness of what one brings to the role. The inevitable ambiguity of the leadership role requires strong conceptual skills. Savvy leaders employ a variety of frameworks as they diagnose, analyze, and act. They respect the complexity and challenges of the process, and call upon a repertoire of skills. This course provides opportunities to think more systematically about effective leadership and organizations, to apply frameworks and best practices, and to develop the personal competencies needed for leadership success. L EARNING O BJECTIVES Students should be able to look back on this as a fun and memorable course, better able to: 1) Understand various frameworks and models for leadership across organizational settings; 2) Apply key elements of theory and practice important for effective leadership and management; 3) Contribute to team projects, as well as evaluate team performance; 4) Gain insights into their own leadership skills and styles; and 5) Create strategies for developing and sustaining themselves as leaders. C LASS F ORMAT During class, the professor will act primarily as a facilitator, responsible for asking good questions and helping students to ask good questions. Learning will also come from cases, videos, exercises, and activities. Readings and assignments must be completed prior to each class session. Everyone is expected to make meaningful contributions to classroom learning; students should notify the professor regarding any concerns about active participation. Mutual respect will be a prevailing principle, yet students are encouraged to disagree with each other and with the professor in ways that enlighten and move the discussion forward. R EQUIRED M ATERIALS 1) Business Leadership (2008, 2e), edited by Gallos. $34 in the SFSU bookstore. 1 copy in reserve library. 2) Mt. Everest Team Simulation, $12.50, on-line registration/credit card payment, details to be given later. 3)
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648_syllabus_ - MGMT 648-01 Seminar in Leadership Summer...

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