other informations

other informations - I nformation. As we are coming into...

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Unformatted text preview: I nformation. As we are coming into the final weeks of the course, I thought it may be useful to clarify a few points: 1. Essay 3 grades will be posted by Wednesday, April 28th – sorry for the length of time to post the grades, but by the end of the course, we will have graded 1,200 essays. 2. Project tu rn in date is Tuesday May 4th (23:55). Please allocate one of the g roup members to upload the project to ilearn. The project should consist of t he powerpoint slides and/or video clip of the presentation, and a wri t ten r eport (please see course syllabus). The report consists of answering as many of the points as are relevant to your project that are listed and a one page i ndividual reflective summary. Several members have expressed concern that g roup members have not been contr ibuting to the project. I have stated my p hilosophy that only group members who have contributed to the project should be included in the t i tle page and will receive a grade for the project. 3. Course participation: You are to wri te the grade that you believe that you deserve for participation in the course. This will be submit ted on i learn at the end of the course 4. Final: The final examination will cover all material after the mid-term. T he final will be available from Monday, May 17th a t 19:00 until Monday May 24th (23:55). 5. Wine tasting – please see the sign up for Dave Chambers for May 4th 6. I hope this clarifies the situation; please let me know if there is anything that r equires further information. 7. Good luck as we enter the final stage of the course and I hope that you have found the course interesting and useful. Colin Johnson. 04.26.2010 ...
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other informations - I nformation. As we are coming into...

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