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The 2010 NEN Clean & Green Summit Vision: To produce an event in the community which brings together residents and agencies who provide programming that empower San Franciscans to take leadership role in creating cleaner and greener neighborhoods. Background: Two years ago the NEN (Neighborhood Empowerment Network) hosted, in partnership with over a dozen agencies, a Clean & Green Summit in the Mission district at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. It was an all day event which featured a large resource fair, break-out groups and walking tours of the neighborhood to see best practices in action. The event was a huge success and over 200 residents attended. For a photo album of the event – please visit below.. http://picasaweb.google.com/nenphotographs/TheNEN2008CleanGreenSummit# Next Steps: This year the NEN would like to produce another Clean & Green Summit in the same location. It is currently creating a project team and will be convening a meeting in the month of February to get the input from key stakeholders. The Opportunity for SFSU Students: The NEN would like to work with a team of students from the Hospitality and Tourism Department to help design and produce the Summit. Matt Senekeremian is the NEN team leader on this project and will be working with the students directly. If a student would like to work on this initiative, they must contact Matt by February 19 th . Matt’s email is [email protected] .
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