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After the Crash Scenario Description The situation described in this problem is based on over 2,000 actual cases in which men and women lived or died depending upon the survival decisions they made. Your “life” or “death” will depend on how well your group can share its present knowledge of a relatively unfamiliar problem so that the team can make decisions that will lead to your survival. Read the information below and then complete STEP 1 on the individual and team scoring grid you have been given without discussing your choices with the rest of your team or any other classmates. The Situation It is approximately 10:00am on August 31 st . You have just crash landed in the Sonora Desert in the Southwestern United States. The light twin engine plane containing the bodies of the pilot and co-pilot has burned completely. Only the air frame remains. None of the rest of you has been injured. The pilot was unable to notify anyone of your position before the crash. However, ground sightings taken before you crashed indicated
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