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After_the_Crash_Grid - (large size Magnetic Compass...

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After the Crash Individual and Team Scoring Grid Name _________________________________________ Instructions: Read “The Situation” and fill in Step 1 (column 1) on this form and bring to next class. ITEMS STEP 1 Individual Ranking STEP 2 Team Ranking STEP 3 Survival Expert Ranking STEP 4 Absolute Difference Between 1 & 3 STEP 5 Absolute Difference Between 2 & 3 Flashlight (4-battery size) Jackknife Sectional Air Map of Area Plastic Raincoat
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Unformatted text preview: (large size) Magnetic Compass Compress Kit with Gauze .45 Caliber Pistol (Loaded) Parachute (Red & White) Bottle of 1000 Salt Tablets 1 Quart of Water per person Book Entitled, Edible Animals of the Desert Pair of Sunglasses per person 2 Quarts of 180 Proof Vodka 1 Top Coat per Person Cosmetic Mirror TOTALS: _______ _______ (lower scores YOUR TEAM are better) SCORE SCORE...
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