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Career_Survey_Spr10 - Jobs 2 How many distinct careers do...

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Professor Tosti-Kharas, MGMT 605 Career Survey __________________________________________ Name CAREER SURVEY Please write your name above and bring your completed survey to class. We will use your survey answers for class discussion during next week’s class and will discuss aggregate trends and statistics, but your individual answers will not be discussed unless you choose to share them. I would like to learn more about what you expect for your career in the future. Some of the questions below are forward-looking, but please answer them as honestly as you can based on how you feel now, at the present time. Your best estimates are fine, but please put one number , rather than a range (e.g., 3-4) for each question. Over the course of your working life: 1) How many different jobs do you expect to have?
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Unformatted text preview: ______ Jobs 2) How many distinct careers do you think you will have? ______ Careers 3) How many future promotions within one organization do you think you will have? _____ Promotions 4) How many different countries will you work in? _____ Countries 5) How many hours a week do you expect to work, on average? _____ Hours/week 6) Will you ever work for yourself? Yes No 7) At what age will you retire? ______ Years 8) Distribute a total of 100 points to signify the relative importance (more points = more importance, zero points = no importance) of the following areas in your life: leisure time, community, work, religion and family. Leisure Time __________ Community __________ Work __________ Religion __________ Family __________ 100...
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