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Eng. 411/Levison ESSAY ASSIGNMENT THREE "BLUEBIRDBLUEBIRDTHRUMYWINDOW" Assignment What does the reader  learn about  the homeless from Sonia Sanchez’s prose-poem   “Bluebirdbluebirdthroughmywindow”? You may want  to consider  society’s attitudes  to the homeless, the rights of the  homeless, what  their lives on the street are like, who they are etc. Support  your  points with  evidence from the story.    Use quotations  and   paraphrases, and  give line references, e.g. (l. 3) (ll. 4-5). You will need  to give  enough  information  for the reader  to understand  when  you make references to  the story. Quotations  are your  evidence.   Requirements 1.  You must do at least two drafts.  I will not accept only one draft.  Each draft 
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Unformatted text preview: must show significant change or improvement. Hand in all drafts with the final one on top. 2. Plagiarized work or work which has been corrected by someone else will receive a grade of NCR. 3. There should be no more than 6 correctable errors per page. 4. Papers should also be submitted to the site accessed through ilearn Conferences If you are having difficulty, please come and see me. Make an appointment. DUEMonday December 7 I will grade your essay on --the quality of your ideas --your ability to enable the reader to understand your points by the use of summary, quotations, and analysis --your essay writing skills, accuracy, and language...
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