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bluebirdbluebird_2 - out some information about it and the...

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Eng. 411/Levison FIND OUT ACTIVITY Look for your name to see the number  that you are assigned, and  then find out  who or what these things are. Be prepared  to stand  in front of the class and  tell  us. If you bring pictures, they must be big enough  to show  the class. You only  have to find out about the things or people listed  next to your name. 1 fundamental  rights (Ahmed,  Vincent, Mei Sha) 2 the hymn  (Christian  song used  in prayers): Onward  Christian  Soldiers—find  
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Unformatted text preview: out some information about it and the words of the hymn (Pany, Sonny, Jose) 3 the song "Blue bird, blue bird, through my window" (Chao, Joe, Feyon) 4 Zavelle (Brian, Yuna, Claire) 5 Pennsylvania Station (Yu-Jung, Ivan, Yuan) 6 Manhattan (Karen, Hao, Ivy) 7 Broadway (Kai, Andy, Jessie) 8 Sonia Sanchez (pictures and brief biography) (Tiffany, Yoyo, Steven)...
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