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Eng. 411/Levison PRESENTATION  TOPICS 1. Metaphors  and  symbols a) the walk b) the bell tower and  the school for the blind c) Scarlett O'Hara  and  the apple tree d) a chickadee and  the automobile starter 2. Names  and  characters a) Newt, Catharine, Henry  Stewart Chasens b) Newt's character c) Catharine's character 3. Information  needed  to help us understand  the story a) American  wedding  customs  and  silver patterns. b) Military vocabulary—AWOL, furlough, private 1st. class, Artillery,  stockade. 4. The poem  that is printed  with  this story: meaning  and  connection  to Long  Walk to Forever 5.  Performances: a) The colonel of Newt's regiment  has called him in for a disciplinary  hearing. 
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Unformatted text preview: Act out what you think the colonel says and what Newt says in his defense. b) Catharine is explaining to her parents why the wedding with Henry is not going to take place. c) The last scene of the story. 6. Explanations and answers to the students' questions/ Chronological breakdown of story with explanation 7. Theme Vocabulary: Eng. 411/Levison PRESENTATION TOPICS Honestly—interjection used to express that one is annoyed and upset She cried--she shouted, said aloud very strongly To part or part company—to leave someone Hitch—hitchhike (try to get a ride from a car by holding your thumb out while you stand in the road)...
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LWF_presentation_topics - Act out what you think the...

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