Reaction_paper - How to write this 1. The above are simply...

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Eng. 411/Levison REACTION ASSIGNMENTS You will respond in a journal entry to each story that we read. Don't write an essay: it  does not need an introduction or conclusion. Please type your response. It should be  about 1½ -2 pages. Some suggestions : What were your reactions when you read the story? Do you like the story? Why or why  not? (Be truthful! My feelings will not be hurt if you don't like it.) Was the story difficult  for you? How? Do you like the characters?   Did the author use an interesting symbol or metaphor that you particularly liked or  disliked? Were you struck by any particular quotations or ideas in the readings?  What do you think the author's message was? Did you agree with it? Who could benefit from reading this story? Did the story relate to your life in some way (the events or the characters)? 
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Unformatted text preview: How to write this 1. The above are simply suggestions . 2. Please write a continuous piece of prose (it may have paragraphs), not simply answers to the above questions. 3. Do NOT write a summary of the story. 4. Use quotations from the reading for your support. Eng. 411/Levison 5. Does grammar count? YES. Your writing must be clear. I will grade this on the content primarily and the effort, but I will also take into account sloppy grammar. 6. The purpose of the responses is to help you explore your ideas. You may definitely use these ideas in your essays and exams. 7. Plagiarized work will receive a grade of NC and will be reported to the Dean....
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Reaction_paper - How to write this 1. The above are simply...

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