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Levison/Eng.  411 "GASTON" - YOUR QUESTIONS 1. What's the meaning  of the story? 2. ugh/striped  jersey/boulevardier 3. Why did  the father decide not to hug  his daughter  even though  he wanted   to? 4. Why is she staying  with  her father for a few days? 5. Why did  the father name  the worm  "Gaston"? 6. Why does the little girl change her mind  twice about  squashing  Gaston? 7. Why does she go back to her mother  at the end  even though  she likes  living with  her father? 8. How  does the father feel after a) she changes her mind  about Gaston  and  
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Unformatted text preview: b) after she leaves? 9. Is the father homeless? What's his job? 10. Why is the father living in a poor condition? 11. Why does the mother impact the girl so much? 12. Why doesn't the little girl tell her mother she wants to live with the father? 13. Who squashed Gaston? 14. Why did Gaston come out of a peach? 15. Does she want to live with her father? 16. What is the meaning of "a peach with people"?...
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