your_ideas_Gaston - Levison/Eng. 411 "GASTON" --...

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Unformatted text preview: Levison/Eng. 411 "GASTON" -- YOUR IDEAS 1. The mother is a bit cold-blooded because she was trying so hard to get her daughter back even though the father only had one day with the daughter. 2. The father behaves in a way that people don't understand but he doesn't care and enjoys his life his way. 3. The father will go out and have a little walk with his daughter on a hot day in August while the mother will just send a chauffeur to pick up the daughter. 4. The little girl finally squashed the bug because the daughter found out that she does not belong to where her father lives. She wants to get back to reality and live the way she does with her mother. 5. It is important to notice that when the father talks about Gaston he is also talking about himself. He is talking about the importance of being accepting of talking about himself....
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your_ideas_Gaston - Levison/Eng. 411 "GASTON" --...

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