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quiz - Isy 363 1 Critics of globalization argue that it...

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Isy 363 1. Critics of globalization argue that it eliminates jobs and lowers wages in developed nations…1 2. The order in which products and services are developed and delivered to consumers is… 2 3. The single most important factor for an expatriate in working in another country on an international … not a 4. ____ is the total value of products and services… GDP 5. Whereas relocating production to low-cost lacales traditionally meant production of ___. .goods 6. For a firm to be considered to have a truly multinational …1 7. As firms internationalize they may change their strategies and structures over time to fit different environments and competitive …2 8. Only tangible merchandise, actual products you can use are subject to analysis using Value Added Chains. Serveices. . 2 9. The complexity of managing an international business Value…2 10. Globalization is the trend characterized by ____)(national …de… 11. ___ refers to convergence in buyer … globalization 12. Over the last few decades, export activity by nations has … 1
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