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ISYS 363 Project - Fall - ISYS 363 GROUP PROJECT...

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ISYS 363 – GROUP PROJECT Application Development Project – Fall 2009 Reminder: The group project is 12.50% of your grade. If you fail to reasonably participate in the group project, your grade will reduced at the discretion of the instructor. You may not complete the project individually. No participation – 100% loss of grade Extremely limited participation – 75% loss of grade Limited participation – 25 to 50% loss of grade Group Meeting: During the required meeting with each group, members may suggest “removing” members for non-participation. Consultation with the instructor is required. If you are removed from a group, you will be expected to apply to other groups within your section or lose your entire grade for the group project. You may not do the project on your own. For all portions of this project, late assignments will lose 20% of their final grade if turned in within 72 hours of the date / time due. After that time, no assignments will be accepted for any reason. Do not e-mail copies to the instructor since they will not be accepted, Project Overview: The project is to plan, describe and develop the requirements for a computer application that could be utilized in a particular business or organizational environment. The development process will generally follow the SDLC (systems development life cycle) and the corresponding processes that are covered during course of the semester. Each group will develop a working model of their proposed business application utilizing Access 2007. A computer application is a particular use of a computer system in a functional area, i.e. payroll, billing, sales analysis, customer tracking or sales. The actual organization and resulting developed application could be something that an individual group member is interested in such as a hobby, special interest, organization or future project. The application should have the potential to be utilized in providing management information for the specific organization. The project will be done in groups of approximately six members. The instructor will assign individuals into each group and there will be one grade for the entire group. Overall grading will be based on professionalism, organization, completeness, technical consistency, project management, timeliness and practicality. Group Leader: Each group must decide on a group leader who will communicate with the faculty member / graduate assistants during course of the semester. This individual will summarize the status of the group weekly in iLearn and be the primary contact for any questions. Each portion of the project should include the following: A hard copy of each report must be turned in. The reports should include a cover page with names of group members, section number
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ISYS 363 Project - Fall - ISYS 363 GROUP PROJECT...

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