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Levison/Eng. 310   STUDY QUESTIONS FOR "MALLAISE: HOW TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE IT" BY  WILLIAM KOWINSKI (pp. 323-326) 1. ¶ 9   What is mallaise according to Kowinski?  How does he know all the symptoms? 2. ¶ 10 What things does Kowinski dislike about malls? 3. ¶ 11 What does Kowinski dislike about malls? 4. ¶ 12 Why did one young man feel he had to escape?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. 13-15 what is the zombie effect? Who is Barbara Lambert? What happened to her? 6. 16 What does Kowinski think malls want you to do? 7. 17 Why does Kowinski think people in malls are like television watchers? What are zombies? 8. 20 Kowinski says that people feel sick in malls. Why? (3 reasons)...
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