quiz - 2 1. Vertical differentiation is concerned with...

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2 1. Vertical differentiation is concerned with identifying where in a firm’s hierarchy ownership or outsourced components should be …2 2. The idea that champions worldwide consistency and standardization in order for the firm to become … global 3. For firms pursuing a ___ strategy. . global centralized. 4. Scalar economies and learning curve effects do not apply to firms . .2 5. Decentralization has the key advantage of letting decisions be made by those who directly deal with customers…1 6. Firms that pursue global strategies have one big VAC which has feeders coming into it bringing the benefits of comparative….1 7. The fundamental outlook of the global strategy is adaptation.2 8. Organization structures and control systems in a strategy never change, even when … 2 9 Increasing globalization is a powerful force of change for competition in an …not foreign 10. Centralized decision-making is an absolute critical necessity of a … 2 11. Organizational challenges are comparatively more difficult for the firm pursuing a transnational … 1 12. Businesses based in societies with high uncertainly avoidance encourage managers to take risks and …2 13. Pressures for local responsiveness are especially important in industries where value creation is a function …1 14. The MNE that applies a global strategy aims to ___ complete 15. Strategy is best defined as management’s concept and plan on how to create …1
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quiz - 2 1. Vertical differentiation is concerned with...

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