quiz5 - 5 1. Specific tariffs charge a specific percentage...

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5 1. Specific tariffs charge a specific percentage of the value of goods….2 2. The shifting of resources from inefffient to efficient companies as trade barriers fall produces ___ not market perforation 3. Which of the following is NOT part of Toyota’s strategy for expanding its presence in the European Union? It’s design new 4. The major drivers of globalization are falling barriers to trade and …1 5. ____ effects of economic integration are the overall growth in the market and the impact on a company … dynamic 6. If a firm imports 500 pounds of curry powder valued at $20/pound 2 7. In most high-inflation nations, interest rates are increasing while the purchasing power of the national currency is … 1 8. Maquiladoras along the northern Mexico border enable foreign firms…1 9. International firms can work their way around foreign host government imposed ____ in order to … not free markets imports . . 10. When regional economic integration pacts such as NAFTA, the EU and MERCOSUR are created, firms not within the region may be motivated to place FID within the region rather than …1 11. The Chinese government has recently expressed a desire …not 12. Quotas are indirect restrictions limiting the amount of a certain good that may be imported into a country. 2 13. The most-favored-nation policy is a WTO… 2 14. Over time, high tariffs may encourage smuggling…1 15. Production location is not an important choice when doing….2 16. Which of the following is a frequent problem in national …. Not arbitrary tariffs 17. Administrative barriers lead to an increase in price of imports without using hostile measures like …1 18. One reason why a government may choose to regulate… protect 19. An increase in a nation’s rate of inflation leads to an oversupply of money and eventually …1 20. All of the following characterize stock exchanges EXCEPT___ all 21. Which of the following is an example of a government procurement policy? Requiring government 22. Under the current global system of floating exchange rates currencies are pegged to the U.S. dollar… 2 23. If you run a charter fishing company that provides fishing …2 24. In order to compete with global giant Wal-Mart in Mexico… joining forces 25. A Free Trade Area is where ____ not all 26. The major trade group in South America involving Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay… MERCOSUR. 27. A major problem with the Doha Round is that .
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quiz5 - 5 1. Specific tariffs charge a specific percentage...

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