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Chap1 1. Services are the fastest growing sector in international trade.1 2. Each of the following has contributed to the rapid integration of world. . the increase 3. For a firm to be considered to have a truly multinational strategy, it is … 1 4. ____ is the trend toward greater economic, cultural… Glo. . 5. The World Bank is an agency created to provide financing for national …1 6. Globalization does not affect national economies and standards of living. 2 7. Over the last few decades, export activity by nations has grown more quickly…1 8. An example of upstream globalization of production is when firms will seek comparative advantage 1 9. Critics of globalization believe the overall gains that …2 10. Generally speaking, international business is far…1 11. Even thought globalization is occurring in many environments there still exist examples. . 1 12. The process of targeting and serving markets outside the home country is knowns… market diversification 13. Political actions by individual nations can require MNEs (Multinational Enterprises). .not all 14. The ____ is an agency create to regulate fixed exchange rates… international monetary fund 15. Opponents to globalization argue that 1 16. If governments in the majority of firms’ host markets…1 17. Which of the following best explains why the Japanese…low cost labor 18. Globalization critics say it causes a “race to the ___. .. bottom 19. International Business is any trade or investment that crosses one or more 1 20. Culture is comparatively more important to firms exporting the results or core competencies via . .2 21. A main difference between the two sides in the globalization debate is whether overall gains that may … not indidivual 22. ____makes the world market more accessible for companies that sell traditional products by lessening the cost and …not licesing 23. ____ is the total value of products and services produced in country over the … GDP 24. Which of the following best explains the recent repaid increase in exports worldwide? Advanced 25. Highly centralized production and marketing activities mean that businesses today seldom interact with people 2 26. As firms internationalize they may change their strategies and structures over time… 2 27. Since its inception (beginning) the GATT… 2 28. The two primary types of international investment are profolio investment 1 29. A country’s economic assets are also known as factors of production. 1 30. Trade unions claim that by permitting international firms to continually move to nations with … reduces lower. . 2 1. Critics of globalization argue that it eliminates jobs and lowers wages in developed nations…1 2. The order in which products and services are developed and delivered to consumers is… 2 3. The single most important factor for an expatriate in working in another country on an international … not a 4. ____ is the total value of products and services… GDP 5. Whereas relocating production to low-cost lacales traditionally meant production of ___.
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quiz8 - Chap1 1 Services are the fastest growing sector in...

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