by definition to be an international business

by definition to be an international business - 1. by...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. by definition to be an international business----false 2. not four Cs---------competitiveness 3. greatest surplus-------china 4. by operating internationally -----take advantage 5. the television of sports -----sales expansion 6. large French-----turkey operation 7. the majority of religious practitioners with Hinduism -------true 8. recent decades---worldwide cooperation 9. best accounts-----multiple environments 10. royalties-----services trade 11. prime minister-------mannoham sign 12. two influences--------cognitive 13. the political action------true 14. capital city of India-new delhi 15. is not motivation----to take advantage 16. managers who are knowledgeable--------geographic factors 17. the same automobile company------fiat competes mainly on a mass-market strategy 18. the term international, multinational------false 19. the polar opposite forces ------false 20. GDP comes from agriculture------false 21. Foreign direct investment-------includes practically 22. _________is the process of expanding ---------globalization 23. China has the largest population --------true 24. Was not added to the G8 to created the G20--------The soviet union 25. Commodity-like products--------they are products used the same way by consumers 26. Not part of the G7-------china 27. In order for firms to pursue global---------true 28. China is Buddhism-------false 29. A company starting out with-----------born-global company 30. Consumers must be ___, government must be_____--------------willing, willing 31. Global product worldwide--------all of these can 32. Create the G8 or group of 8-----------Russia 33. Environmental factors usually does not change -------all of these change change 34. In a global industry where firms pursue global-------false 35. They enter into more _______which creates greater ___from------environments, complexity 36. Resulted from cultures, products---------laws, economics 37. B2B industrial consumers-----global products 38. The process firms go through as they leave---------internalization 39. This is an example of _____occurring in ______-------individual behaviors 40. Where firms face simultaneous pressures-------transnational 41. Which of the following might not be used to measure-------all of these 42. Globalization is too intangible a concept to be --------false 43. A company starting out with a global focus------born-global company 44. Curtailment of logging in the amazon---------how global interests can 45. Which of the following has caused consumers--------consumers have become...
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by definition to be an international business - 1. by...

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