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US GOV- Us V Them - for them overseas Like the journalist...

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Danny Lapchak 9/10/10 US Govt. Us vs. Them http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nancy-mclernon/unfortunate-us-vs-them-rh_b_632143.html In this article from the huffingtonpost.com written by Nancy Mclernon we find an Us-V- Them political situation in the battle of the U.S. Congress V foreign businesses that have been working in America, for Americans for years. The argument is over the “Disclose” Act and how it would limit the amount of money that foreign companies can invest into U.S. political campaigns. The bill is meant to target foreign companies from countries that are not friendly with the U.S. such as “Hugo Chavez and Chinese government-owned entities” (Mclernon). So on the face of the bill it sounds like a great idea but the bill lumps all of the foreign companies together, even ones that have done business for years with America and has Americans working
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Unformatted text preview: for them overseas. Like the journalist that wrote this article, that this is just not good business for America and especially during a recession such as the one we are currently going through. Also it does not send out good signals to other foreign companies looking to expand over to America that they will not be welcomed with open arms but actually treated with the likes of the Chinese or Hugo Chavez. I feel that during a recession is not exactly the right time to start isolating ourselves from the rest of the world although I do think that will be something that America has to do, but just not know when the world needs its leader to be standing the tallest with open arms....
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