Chapter 4 (2) Study Guide

Chapter 4 (2) Study Guide - Chapter 4: The Developing...

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Chapter 4: The Developing Person Chapter Overview Developmental psychologists study the life cycle, from conception to death, examining how we develop physically, mentally, and socially. Chapter 4 covers physical, cognitive, and social development over the life span and introduces three major issues in developmental psychology: ( 1 ) the relative impact of genes and experience on behavior, ( 2 ) whether development is best described as gradual and continuous or as a discontinuous sequence of stages, and ( 3 ) whether the individual’s personality remains stable or changes over the life span. Although there are not too many terms to learn in this chapter, there are a number of important research findings to remember. Pay particular attention to the stage theories of Piaget, Kohlberg, and Erikson, as well as to the discussion regarding intellectual stability during adulthood. Writing carefully prepared answers to the section preview items should be especially helpful in mastering the material in this chapter. Introducing the Developing Person ( p. 135 ) David Myers at times uses idioms that are unfamiliar to some readers. If you do not know the meaning of any of the following words, phrases, or expressions in the context in which they appear in the text, refer to page 140 for an explanation: . .. journey through life from womb to tomb. Introduction Preview First, skim the introduction. Then read the following objectives and, as you read the text, search for the information that will enable you to meet each objective. Answer guidelines are provided on page 127. 1.Briefly describe the work of developmental psychologists. 2.Identify and briefly describe three major issues that pervade developmental psychology. Stepping Through the Introduction After you have read the introduction, complete the sentences and answer the questions. As you proceed, evaluate your performance by consulting the answers on page 127. Do not continue with the next section until you understand each answer. If you need to, review or reread the section in the textbook before continuing. 1. Scientists who study physical, mental, and social changes throughout the life cycle are called ______________ ______________ . 2. One of the major issues in developmental psychology concerns the relative importance of genes and experience in determining behavior; this is called the ______________ issue. 3. A second developmental issue, ______________/ ______________, concerns whether developmental changes are gradual or abrupt. 4. A third controversial issue concerns the consistency of personality and whether development is characterized more by ______________ over time or by change. Prenatal Development and the Newborn ( pp. 135 - 140 ) Section Preview 1. Describe conception and outline the course of prenatal development. 2. Discuss the possible effects of teratogens on the developing embryo and fetus.
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Chapter 4 (2) Study Guide - Chapter 4: The Developing...

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