Chapter 14 (2) Study Guide

Chapter 14 (2) Study Guide - Chapter 14 Stress and Health...

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Chapter 14: Stress and Health Chapter Overview Behavioral factors play a major role in maintaining health and causing illness. The effort to understand this role more fully has led to the emergence of the interdisciplinary field of behavioral medicine. This subfield of health psychology focuses on questions such as: How do our perceptions of a situation determine the stress we feel? How do our emotions and personality influence our risk of disease? How can psychology contribute to the prevention of illness? Chapter 14 addresses key topics in health psychology. First and foremost is stress - its nature, its effects on the body, psychological factors that determine how it affects us, and how stress contributes to heart disease, infectious diseases, and cancer. The chapter concludes by looking at physical and psychological factors that promote good health and examining several illness - related behaviors, including smoking, nutrition, and obesity Introducing Stress and Health ( p. 531 ) Introduction Preview First, skim the introduction. Then read the following objective and, as you read the text, search for the information that will enable you to meet that objective. 1. Identify the major concerns of behavioral medicine and health psychology. Stepping Through the Introduction After you have read the section, complete the sentences and answer the questions. As you proceed, evaluate your performance by consulting the answers. Do not continue with the next section until you understand each answer. If you need to, review or reread the section in the textbook before continuing. 1. The four leading causes of serious illness and death in the United States are _____________________ _____________________ , _____________________ , _____________________ ,and _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ . 2. Today, half the mortality from the 10 leading causes of death can be traced to people’s ____________________ . 3. List several of the behaviors that have been linked to the leading causes of death: _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ 4. The field that integrates behavioral and medical knowledge relevant to health and disease is _____________________ _____________________ . 5. The subfield of psychology related to behavioral medicine is called _____________________ psychology. Stress and Illness ( pp. 532 - 546 ) David Myers at times uses idioms that are unfamiliar to some readers. If you do not know the meaning of any of the following words, phrases, or expressions in the context in which they appear in the text, refer to Focus on Vocabulary for an explanation: tense. .. clenched teeth churning stomach; slippery concept; flow through a psychological filter; heart rate zooms; uprooting; a cluster of crises; Daily Hassles; mellow and laidback; after the honeymoon period; combat ready; headless horseman; Marital spats; hyping. Section Preview
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Chapter 14 (2) Study Guide - Chapter 14 Stress and Health...

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