Chapter 14 (4) Practice Quiz

Chapter 14 (4) Practice Quiz - 1. A) B) C) D) 2. A) B) C)...

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1. Residents of urban ghettos are especially likely to experience: A) enlargement of the thymus gland. B) shrinkage of the adrenal cortex. C) the proliferation of lymphocytes. D) hypertension. 2. A rewarding consequence of cigarette smoking is that it reduces: A) blood pressure and heart rate. B) sensitivity to pain. C) mental alertness. D) the release of epinephrine into the bloodstream. E) all of the above. 3. Resistance to stress is greatest during ________ of the GAS. A) Phase 1 B) Phase 2 C) Phase 3 D) Phase 4 4. Wild animals placed in zoos sometimes die shortly thereafter. These deaths are likely to result from a(n) ________ in the animals' production of ________. A) decrease; lymphocytes B) increase; androgens C) decrease; cortisol D) increase; steroids E) decrease; teratogens 5. The greatest number of deaths in Africa today result from: A) heart disease. B) strokes. C) cancer. D) AIDS. E) malaria. Page 1
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6. Epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol: A) are released by the thymus and lymph glands. B) accelerate the proliferation of lymphocytes. C) divert blood flow from muscle tissue to the body's internal organs. D) accelerate the buildup of plaques on artery walls. E) decrease heart rate and blood pressure. 7. Chronic anger ________ the risk of heart disease, and chronic depression ________ the risk of heart disease. A) increases; decreases B) increases; increases C) decreases; decreases D) has no effect on; increases E) increases; has no effect on 8. The macrophage and lymphocytes are major agents of the: A) sympathetic nervous system. B) immune system.
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Chapter 14 (4) Practice Quiz - 1. A) B) C) D) 2. A) B) C)...

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