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Chapter 16 (4) Practice Quiz

Chapter 16 (4) Practice Quiz - 1 William an airplane pilot...

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1. William, an airplane pilot, is unable to remember anything of a bombing raid in which his plane was severely damaged and two crew members were killed. Because he himself suffered no physical injuries, psychologists suspect that William probably suffers from a: A) panic disorder. B) dissociative disorder. C) phobia. D) generalized anxiety disorder. E) bipolar disorder. 2. Mrs. Swift is alarmed by her own persistent and irrational thoughts of murdering her young children. Her experience best illustrates the agitating effects of a(n): 3. Rishi, a college student, complains that he feels apprehensive and fearful most of the time but doesn't know why. Without warning, his heart begins to pound, his hands get icy, and he breaks out in a cold sweat. Rishi most likely suffers from a(n): 4. Although Mrs. Petrides usually sits passively in a motionless stupor, she sometimes repetitiously shakes her head or waves her arms. She most likely suffers from: Page 1
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5. Anthony is 32 years old, well above average in intelligence, and quite charming. He has swindled several elderly people out of their life savings, and he seems to have little feeling for his victims, nor does he fear the consequences of getting caught. His behavior is evidence of: A) bipolar disorder. B) schizophrenia. C) obsessive-compulsive disorder. D) a personality disorder. E) a dissociative disorder.
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Chapter 16 (4) Practice Quiz - 1 William an airplane pilot...

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