Writing Assignment (Lab Leport)

Writing Assignment (Lab Leport) - Increasing sucrose...

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Increasing sucrose reduces the mass of the potato, affecting the rate of osmosis Chelsea Clouatre Lab Partner: Brooke Miller Instructor: N. Thivanka De Silva Biology 1208 Section 12
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ABSTRACT The relative osmotic concentration was determined by the change in mass of the potato. It was hypothesized that as the concentration of sucrose increased the mass of the potato disks would decrease. In this particular experiment, the effect of increasing sucrose to the solution, with potato disks, was tested. Ultimately, the potato disks weighted less when more sucrose was added to the solution. INTRODUCTION The phospholipid bilayer of membranes has an arrangement of proteins and lipids that produces a membrane that is selectively permeable (Wischusen et. al., 2010). The passing through of molecules of permeable membranes is determined by the shape, charge, and polarity of the molecule. Permeable membranes select what molecules pass through some cross the membrane freely, some cross with assistance, and others do not cross at all (Abedon, 2002). The movement of water from a solution with a lower solute concentration to a solution with a higher solute concentration is osmosis. There are three types of solutions hypotonic, hypertonic, or isotonic. When a cell loses water it is hypertonic, when the cell gains water it is hypotonic, and when the cell neither gains nor losses water it is isotonic (Wischusen et al., 2010). It was hypothesized that the mass of the potato cell would decrease as the concentration of sucrose increased. The purpose of the experiment was to test if the addition of sucrose would affect the rate of osmosis.
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Writing Assignment (Lab Leport) - Increasing sucrose...

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