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VLIW Architecture - functional units The group of...

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1. Meaning of VLIW ~VLIW stands for Very Large Instruction Word. ~VLIW processors rely on compile time analysis to identify and bundle together instructions that can be executed concurrently ~These instructions are packed and dispatched together Thus the name very long instruction word This concept is employed in the Intel IA64 processors ~VLIW processors have static instruction issue capability ~A compiler generates long instructions having multiple operations meant for different
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Unformatted text preview: functional units The group of instructions that could be issued in a single cycle are called: an issue packet or a Bundle ~There is no (or only partial) hardware hazard detection: No dependence check logic for instructions issued at the same cycle ~ Tradeoff instruction space for simple decoding The long instruction word has room for many operations But have to fill with NOP if enough operations cannot be found...
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