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2001ST Microelectronics - 3 4 8 15 Sheet1 Page 2 9.no of...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Hi , The stm (MLNR 2001) paper is as follows: Paper consists of determining the o/p of c/c++ prog. Of c u can do it but for c++ part Go thoroughly through it . It consists of 2 sections in 1 section u have to write the o/p & in 2 section more than 1 answer are correct. 1.the entity which keep the address which the compiler uses to call by seeing the content of pointer.( it was question of late binding u have to tell the entity which keep the address) a.one argument constructor b.one argument destructor c.v table d.symbol table 2 char newchar=I 1° char &a=newchar,b=newchar,c=newchar a a,c,b,are character b.a is a reference to char,c,b are charater c.error d. 3question on virtual fn 4. question on this pointer 5. destructer 6.diagram of gates consists of NAND OR gates u have to tell the o/p 7.voltage across capacitor with laps a.v(t)=s(t)*l(t) b.c.d. 8.no of nodes in full binary tree of depth of 3
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Unformatted text preview: 3 4 8 15 Sheet1 Page 2 9.no of nodes in a complete binary tree of depth 3 5 8 15 3 10. o/p of printf(M %dI,printf(& hello& )) 11. using namespace main(argc,argv) { if(int x=150) { cout<<& x is 150& x=100 } else cout<<& x is 100& a.code will not compile b.150 c.100 d.code will give run time error 12. const int *ptr which is correct a.a pointer to integer constant b. c. d. 13.what is wrong about binary tree a.every non-root node has exactly one parent b. c. d. after that we have two section we have to choose one I go for section a.it consists of 5 question (multiple choice question) 1.diagram of gates are given we have to tell the o/ p.so go through the NAND OR gates. 2.a Boolean expression x+ x(x+y)(y+z) something like that given we have to convert it to SOP form. 3.no. of address ± o/p lines for 20 X 32 4. no. of sequence for k bit Johnson counter( ans k check it) 09/05/11 ....
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2001ST Microelectronics - 3 4 8 15 Sheet1 Page 2 9.no of...

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