2001ST Microelectronics

2001ST Microelectronics - 3 4 8 15 Sheet1 Page 2 9.no of...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Hi , The stm (MLNR 2001) paper is as follows: Paper consists of determining the o/p of c/c++ prog. Of c u can do it but for c++ part Go thoroughly through it . It consists of 2 sections in 1 section u have to write correct. 1.the entity which keep the address which the compiler uses to call by seeing the content of pointer.( it was question of late binding u have to tell the entity which keep the address) a.one argument constructor b.one argument destructor c.v table d.symbol table 2 char newchar=I 1± a a,c,b,are character b.a is a reference to char,c,b are charater c.error d. 3question on virtual fn 4. question on this pointer a. b. c. d. 5. destructer a.cannot have return type b.can accept argument c.virtual destructer d. 6.diagram of gates consists of NAND OR gates u have to tell the o/p 7.voltage across capacitor with laps a.v(t)=s(t)*l(t) b.c.d. 8.no of nodes in full binary tree of depth of 3
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Unformatted text preview: 3 4 8 15 Sheet1 Page 2 9.no of nodes in a complete binary tree of depth 3 5 8 15 3 10. o/p of printf(M %dI,printf(& hello& )) 11. using namespace main(argc,argv) { if(int x=150) { cout<<& x is 150& x=100 } else cout<<& x is 100& a.code will not compile b.150 c.100 d.code will give run time error 12. const int *ptr which is correct a.a pointer to integer constant b. c. d. 13.what is wrong about binary tree a.every non-root node has exactly one parent b. c. d. after that we have two section we have to choose one I go for section a.it consists of 5 question (multiple choice question) 1.diagram of gates are given we have to tell the o/ p.so go through the NAND OR gates. 2.a Boolean expression x+ x(x+y)(y+z) something like that given we have to convert it to SOP form. 3.no. of address o/p lines for 20 X 32 4. no. of sequence for k bit Johnson counter( ans k check it) 09/05/11 ....
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2001ST Microelectronics - 3 4 8 15 Sheet1 Page 2 9.no of...

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