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matlab tools - matlab\specgraph Specialized graphs...

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Sheet1 Page 1 matlab\general - General purpose commands. matlab\ops - Operators and special characters. matlab\lang - Programming language constructs. matlab\elmat - Elementary matrices and matrix manipulation. matlab\elfun - Elementary math functions. matlab\specfun - Specialized math functions. matlab\matfun - Matrix functions - numerical linear algebra. matlab\datafun - Data analysis and Fourier transforms. matlab\polyfun - Interpolation and polynomials. matlab\funfun - Function functions and ODE solvers. matlab\sparfun - Sparse matrices. matlab\scribe - Annotation and Plot Editing. matlab\graph2d - Two dimensional graphs. matlab\graph3d - Three dimensional graphs.
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Unformatted text preview: matlab\specgraph - Specialized graphs. matlab\graphics - Handle Graphics. matlab\uitools - Graphical user interface tools. matlab\strfun - Character strings. matlab\imagesci - Image and scientific data input/output. matlab\iofun - File input and output. matlab\audiovideo - Audio and Video support. matlab\timefun - Time and dates. matlab\datatypes - Data types and structures. matlab\verctrl - Version control. matlab\codetools - Commands for creating and debugging code. matlab\helptools - Help commands. matlab\winfun - Windows Operating System Interface Files (COM/DDE) matlab\demos - Examples and demonstrations....
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