Ac17 - person to person but logically derivable from fact....

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Section-wise Analysis - AIMCAT1117 LEELARAM TENNETI (HYC0K051) - HYDERABAD Section 1 (LDI) Section 2 (VA) Section 3 (QA) Total               Accuracy % 45.45  55.56  73.33  59.09         NetScore 9 22 29 60        Cutoff Marks 13 23 27 -        Highest Score 41 63 60 129        All India Rank 6209 3817 2739 2570        City Rank 610 315 320 237        Percentile Score 70.6 81.93 87.03 87.83       Percentage Score 15 29.33 48.33 30.77 English: Paragraph completion 1) New ideas should not be started. Should be conclusive and talking about paragraph. 2) Continuity / flow should be there. FIJs 1) Fact can be verified or said by someone. 2) There is thin line of distinction between inference and judgement if a fact is accompanying a sentence. To overcome this, inference does not change from
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Unformatted text preview: person to person but logically derivable from fact. RCs: Questions like which of the following is not suggested by the passage have to be answered with extreme caution. Some things are not stated in passage but are given to confuse. Avoid it. English passage questions are to be understood and make a note of what author is trying to say. Ac 17 Third RC 3 Question How to avoid thin line of distinction ? Quant: 1) Progressions summation method 2) Cyclic quadrilateral sum of angles is 180 3) Four simple problems were gone wrong. 4) Time And work, think for overall picture. Maths cut off was higher and so one cannot lose easy questions. Di was tough but crack able. Control of emotions is required....
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Ac17 - person to person but logically derivable from fact....

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