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Paper is not very tough Calculation mistakes. Easy problems left. English - Organic food passage two questions wrong Author’s view is different from what is said in passage. He may or may not support all the ideas. Pierre-Auguste Renior passage All the questions wrong Imp: Understanding of passage is important. If any word meaning is asked refer to previous sentence. Support your answer from a line from passage. If you have doubt about a option double
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Unformatted text preview: check it. Keep an eye on the time taken also. Form 6 Lecourbiser passage : Art of architecture 2 R 1 W Opinion is different from evidence. WHO passage is easier one and should get all Q’s right. Form 5 Materialism passage is very tough. Expect these type of passages in exam Try to look for hints in passage when you are confused. DI: Pie chart questions left. They were easy....
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