AC1112 - Sentence correction: 1) Look for all prepositions...

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Section-wise Analysis - AIMCAT1112 LEELARAM TENNETI (HYC0K051) - HYDERABAD Section 1 (VA) Section 2 (QA) Section 3 (LDI) Total               Accuracy % 52.94  76.47  46.67  59.18         NetScore 49 85 24 158        Cutoff Marks 39 64 44 -        Highest Score 113 145 133 290        All India Rank 1600 864 8073 1404        City Rank 143 90 840 125        Percentile Score 92.29 95.84 61.1 93.23       Time Spent(in mins) 47 44 45 136 2A English Passage 1 ) Economics Amartya Sen, read the options properly. Passage 2) Why writers cannot become great movie directors ? look for clues in the passage Passage 3) 2 nd question doubt Jumbled sentences --- tough but doable if links are found. Sentence completion doable. Wrong usage of word tough. Look for prepositional errors and wrong expressions.
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Unformatted text preview: Sentence correction: 1) Look for all prepositions and check if they are correct 2) Adverbial errors. 3) Agreement of verb with subject. 4) Tense of all verbs in sentence. 1A: English: Words passage is very tough. Gist: What are words ? They are tools used to describe our experiences. Mistakes: 1) Did not understand the underlying purpose of the passage. 2) Reasoning was not proper. Dont see the options first. 3) Think why u have chosen particularly that answer. 4) For easy questions have a look at other options as well. Quant 1) Progressions, Time work questions were left. 2) See the problem and try to answer from options DI: Q 48 doubt Two simple problems were left...
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AC1112 - Sentence correction: 1) Look for all prepositions...

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