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SchoenfeldWrightIJSS03 4 - 3024 S.E Schoenfeld T.W Wright...

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provide the macroscopic linkage between the ‘‘softening’’ or ‘‘damaging’’ material and the ultimate loss of stress carrying capability that arises in the context of the technologically important class of problems that involve strong discontinuities and/or much weaker velocity gradients. The current review of our model proceeds with a summary for the criterion of stress collapse due to adiabatic shear. The problem of simple shearing is reviewed and the details of ultimate stress collapse are described as a function of both the driving imperfections and the homogeneous response of a work- hardening, strain-rate hardening and thermally softening material. We will describe a simple generalization of this scheme to formulate a macroscopic failure model for damage due to shear localization and the incorporation of this more general model within the context of finite element analysis techniques. We will
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