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Check Point Effective Presentations

Check Point Effective Presentations - to the eye and are...

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The reason for my document design was to keep my presentation clean but appealing. The layout was decided upon my using the sample presentation as a guideline, by using the sequence of the slides and information to be placed within the slides. Some of the layout was in the template that was chosen as well. However, I did change the order of the slides as needed. The fonts that I chose were Calibri and Constantia. The reason was the two fonts are clearly readable yet are different from the standard, Times New Roman font. With a simple change in the font, I was able to make a distinguishable, appealing change. The colors were a little tricky to decide on. I did decide on a set of darker pastels that are pleasing
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Unformatted text preview: to the eye and are not overwhelming to the audience or overpowering themselves. The colors work together creating a positive effect throughout the presentation. The graphics I have chosen were a single coffee cup with a pair of reading glasses and pen in the background, showing the emphasis of the coffee shop proposal. At this stage of the presentation, I have not decided if there will be any graphs or charts in the presentation, because I do not know if it will be needed in the proposal at this time....
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