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Assignment Body Paragraphs - Tattoos - Assignment Body...

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Assignment Body Paragraphs Nancy Roberts Tattoos have been throughout society for thousands of generations, dating back to the Stone Age. While certain cultures view tattoos as taboo, tattoos are also viewed as a rite of passage throughout life by certain cultures. In a culture that observes these tattoos as a right to passage it represents the difficult journey into adulthood, a mark of status, bravery, a pledge of love, or possible punishment. Sharon Guynup (2004) speaks of “an adolescent boy from the tribe of Ngaju Dayak located in the Indonesian section of the island Borneo, venturing into the jungle only armed with a blowgun and poison darts, in search of a wild boar or monkey. The boy returns safely home after killing a wild boar, when he entered the village with his prize the boy was viewed as navigating successfully through the rite of passage into adulthood. This boy has now become a man in his tribe. To show the rite of passage he endured, he is ritually tattooed.” (Painted Past: Borneo’s Traditional Tattoos; 2004, June 18) This boy represents a beginning to an end, a way into adulthood for some cultures. For Ngaju Dayak tribe these tattoos represent the difficult journey throughout life; when a member is tattooed other tribe members gather to honor their ancestors and chant before tattooing begins, once the tattooing has begun it could be several hours before completion of the tattoo, possibly even days. When these tattoos are given the tattooist consults their spirit guides to help with the design. These designs range from animals to plants as they are
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Assignment Body Paragraphs - Tattoos - Assignment Body...

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