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What are the main components of this company’s business model? The business model of the veterinary clinic is to provide ethical and good moral care to all of our clients’ animals; while providing high quality, low cost products for the client. Describe the three components of the business system that comprise the local business you selected. The business commerce is the veterinary clinic is providing care for small and large animals. The business occupation for this clinic is specialized in small animal (i.e. dogs) care consisting of vaccinations, routine check ups for the clients’ animal, pet food and specific services, such as laser surgery to spay/neuter an animal, ultrasound, x-rays, grooming, removal of porcupine quills, euthanasia, as well as providing other ethical services for the client. The large animal (i.e.
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Unformatted text preview: cattle) care consists of providing high quality vaccines, ultrasound to see if the quality of the muscle is meeting or exceeding standards for a specific cut of meat (in cattle), providing services for giving the vaccinations if the client prefers, documenting certain vaccinations that are given only by the veterinarian and sent to the animal industry board at the state level, providing accurate documentation of previous vaccinations used, providing health certificates for horses or other large animals to travel, as well as providing other ethical services to the client. The business organization consists of the veterinarian/owner, office manager, veterinarian assistants, and groomer....
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