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CheckPoint Business Organization - received x amount of...

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Joint-stock Company  An example of this would be a company known as PVP (Professional  Veterinary Products). This company has stockholders that have purchased stocks into this  company which guaranteed a certain percentage of the profits to be paid out to the stockholder  on a quarterly basis. Limited Liability Company  An example of this would be a company known as Allegient, LLC.  This company has stockholders that are not personally responsible for the company’s debt if the  company would go bankrupt, only the initial investment of the stockholder is at risk. Partnership  An example of this would be a company that was known as Installers. This  company had skilled professionals that invested their money in the company. Each partner 
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Unformatted text preview: received x amount of dollars that was based on the percentage that was contributed in the beginning to become a stockholder and the amount of work the individual conducted throughout a set amount of time. Sole proprietorship An example of this would be Mid River Veterinary Clinic. This company is solely owned by the single veterinarian. She has under taken the responsibilities that are required of such business. She also has been able to reap the benefits of the company, along with being able to avoid any disputes that would be associated to a partnership. She is able to make decisions without consulting with another individual or group of individuals....
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