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CheckPoint Motivation and Teams Case Study

CheckPoint Motivation and Teams Case Study - Nancy Roberts...

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Nancy Roberts CheckPoint: Motivation and Teams Case Study What motivation theories can be found in each case study? I believe the first case study, “Two Men and a Lot of Trucks,” motivation theory is Job Enrichment Theory. The second case study, “Siemens’s New Boss,” motivation theory is the Expectancy Theory. Describe the theories found in each case study and cite specific examples. The Job Enrichment Theory is encouraging the employee to have a higher performance and more control over the way they perform their job(s). An example of this theory would be, “I made sure everything was spotless. And we went out of our way for the customers. Sheets put her movers in uniforms and gave them business cards, charged by the hour instead of weight, and paid for any damaged to be fixed. The company’s mission statement remains: ‘Treat everyone the way you would want your Grandma treated” (Jones, 2007).
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